This is a resource page for a tech talk I gave at the AngularJS NYC Meetup. The talk was titled “Zero to App: Bootstrapping in AngularJS”, and was a walkthrough of how to build a fully-functioning app in a short amount of time.

The demo app that was being built was a simple search engine and detail display for the USDA’s Nutrient Databank, which is a database that contains the nutritional information for 8500 food items. I’ve posted all of the code for the talk on Github. I’ve also added tags to the repository that correspond to the various steps in the slides. The repository has a README, which explains how to build the backend server.

As a convenience, I’m also providing a pre-built binary of the server. To use this, clone the above Git repository and then extract the ZIP file into the root of the repository. The server binary should be at the top level of the directory, alongside the data/ and static/ directories. You can then start the server with ./usda-ndb.

The slides for the presentation are here and are embedded below. The talk was recorded, and I’ll post a link to the video when it is available.