Robert Sesek

You have reached the personal home page of Robert Sesek, a software security engineer in Manhattan, New York, U.S., Planet Earth. He previously worked on the Chrome Security Team.

Robert has experience with web application frontend and backend development, Mac/iOS client software, crash analysis, reverse engineering, and security sandboxing. He currently develops code in (Obj-)C(++), Go, JavaScript, and Python using Vim on the OS X Terminal.

You can find him on the Internet at a variety of destinations, typically under the handle rsesek. He publishes some software at Blue Static. He is on the Fediverse. And his PGP key fingerprint is B487 0739 6C44 965B 4938 4ADB 809C 3E90 17B3 2388.

He also enjoys photography, and you can view his portfolio online.

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