This article publishes the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s index of Intelligence Community Directives, which I requested under the FOIA. As outlined in ICD 101, the Directives establish policies, procedures, and standards to be followed all elements of the Intelligence Community. These directives can be enacted with additional guidance laid out in Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) documents.

Prior to 2004 and the creation of the DNI, the Intelligence Community was headed by the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), whose office issued DCIDs. These have largely been superseded by ICDs, but at least DCID 6/1, 6/6, and 6/7 are still referenced by the December 2013 classification markings manual as Further Guidance material. An undated briefing indicates that ICD 703 replaced DCID 6/1, but it appears this change may be in progress (at least as of December 2013).

The index of Directives is UNCLASSIFIED and was originally released via FOIA in 2014. When comparing this released index with the publicly released ICDs on the DNI’s website, there are a few discrepancies:

There are two ICDs not listed in the index that was returned via FOIA but are listed on the DNI’s website. Those two documents are also dated from 2015, and so if the released document was processed in 2014, that would explain their absence. In addition, the DNI’s website does not list the following two directives. It is unclear why these have remained unpublished.

Items Missing from FOIA in Index Unlisted by DNI
ICD 190 - Critical Information (CRITIC) ICD 402 - DNI Representatives
ICD 191 - Duty to Warn ICD 403 - Foreign Disclosure and Release of Classified National Intelligence

For more information and to access the content of these ICDs and some ICPGs, also check out the Federation of American Scientists, which maintains its own index of ICDs and ICPGs and the older DCIDs.

Note: It is unclear why the first page of the responsive document is duplicated at the end, without the FOIA release stamp. This is the full response as returned by ODNI.